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Turn Your Powerpoint Into Video Creator Machine Video With Just a Few Clicks – Guaranteed

Create Ultra-Modern And Fantastic Looking Videos, Quickly & Easily With Zero Design Skills !!!

For Making Video With Viditix FX Templates

  • Mega Pack Incredible "Cinematic Style" Video Templates
  • No Using Expensive Software Only Using Powerpoint To Produce High Quality Video
  • Easy To Use You Can Change Colour, Image Audio, ANd Video As You Like In One Touch
  • Quickly And Easily Make Stunning VideosWithout Spending Tons Of Money
  • Included Tutorial Video Step By Step Tutorial How To Edit Templates
  • Just a One Time Payment & Low Prices To Access All Modules

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Simple - Fast - Beautiful Video In 3 Step

You Can Create Stunning Video Easily

Without Using Expensive Software, Only Using Powerpoint

Step 1

Choose High Quality Templates From Viditix Templates Module And Ready To Use

Step 2

Edit Templates As You Like , Change Text, Image, Audio, And Video All Only One Touch

Step 3

Export Templates To Professional Video


See What People Are Saying

About Our Best Product

" These templates have the power to turn any regular Powerpoint user into a motion graphics super hero! If you want to amaze your clients and customers with attention-grabbing, modern-looking and beautifully designed video (without paying an arm and a leg) Azam’s got your back! 100% Recommended."

Angel Corman
Kick Ass Tuber Creator

"I love the video templates Azam has created! The designs and the colors are really eye-pleasing and the animations are engaging enough to keep attention without being over the top. These are the sort of video templates you'll find yourself using again and again. Awesome quality product and totally worth the small price tag! Well done Azam."

Chrissy Withers

" That looks nice, Azam did a great job with these video templates. Engaging animations, motion graphics and transitions. I enjoy how colorful some of the templates are, it's really pleasant to watch!"

Lucas Adamski
Best Selling Graphics Creator

"Usually I'm very difficult to impress when it comes to video templates. But Azam's videos have earned a seat in the list of top video templates in the market. They're stunning! "

Ugoo Carson Onwuchekwa
Foovly Creator

"A great set of easy templates that let anyone create awesome videos in minutes. well recommended for anyone just starting out with video creation"

Dran Bradley
Affiliate Markter

"Marvelous product Azam...i've been one your customers before and I valued your products to be one of the best i've seen online. At this price structure, i think, this is an no-brainer to many "lazy" but "smart" people like me. "

Dave Macey
VidiClub Customer

"Viditix FX Templates is a collection of videos that you must have for giving your presentation interesting videos with various effects although it is made of Powerpoint. I prefer to Instagram video template as it is easily modified. Just change the image, duplicate slides or change the music, you're ready for a video"

Ronizam Zakaria

"We are a creative team that makes animated video templates for customers to simplify their work process and life.
Our main goal is to create high-quality, stylish and easy-to-use video templates for users,
We create individual promo videos as well, which help our clients to tell about their product,
explain its benefits and generate the interest of broad masses of people to it."

Azam Dzulfikar
Vidiclub Founder

Creating a good animated video is known to be a hard task and requires you a lot of money,time and effort! but today all these myths are gone !!!

With Viditix FX Templates, you can create stunning videos in just minutes
using the familiar tools you already know and use every day.

If you want to make animated videos fast and with no long learning curve, make more money, and save more time then this templates is for you!

Create Ultra Creative & Fantastic Looking Videos ,
without expensive tools, or any technical skills…

Modern promotional videos are a great way to capture attention and endorse your business, product, or online course.

video has become important for marketers in 2018.

Every year, it seems like video is poised to become the next big marketing tactic to pull off record engagement on social media and conversions across various digital outposts:

newsletters, landing pages, blogs, etc. Truth be told, video is ALREADY a big thing and if you haven’t embraced it by now then you are seriously lagging behind as a marketer.

We know a good picture is worth a thousand words, but that a good video is worth a million, right? It also appears consumers appreciate video content more, in particular when it stems from engaging content that spurs conversations and shares.

Video helps you connect with your audience. Today, so much of a company’s marketing efforts are designed to help build trust. Video is the bridge that links what you say to who you really are, allowing customers to peer behind the curtain and get to know your brand not only that Do you like money? Then consider this: after watching a video, customers are 64-85% more likely to make a purchase.

Today, those challenges are mostly in the rear-view mirror. Yes, you still need some budget – good equipment, editing software. but these are all surmountable obstacles.

The Conclusion Is Video Marketing For Business Is One Of The Most Effective Ways For Promotional Activities.

People have known video content for years, and nowadays there are more than 75 million internet users who watch online videos. Here are some video statistics to get your mind buzzing.

creating even a simple animated video can still be a daunting task..

producing an animated video required a fat wallet,
specialized skills, and expensive equipment.

Learn & Fighthing With Advanced Software

do you really want to spend all of your time learning a complicated program like After Effects?

Pay Monthly Expensive Software

Professional animation software like After Effects, Flash, or Maya is expensive and too complex to learn.

Spending Thousand Dollar’s For Hire Design Artist

Outsourcing is outrageous as far as price goes. Just one 2 minute video can cost several thousand dollars.

I'll help you jump over the hurdles and make creating animated videos more easy, fun, and profitable too!

Introducing ...

Viditix FX Templates

NEW "Smart & Dynamic" Templates

Viditix FX Templates is a Super-creative templates with ready-made design & unique slides.

It introduces a revolutionary new way making Ultra-Modern and Fantastic looking Videos without any hassle. All video templates included in this wonderful package are fully editable in Powerpoint.

These Video templates are easy to customize even without advanced PowerPoint skills of graphic design, just drag and drop


And while there is a lot of complex video software out there,
you can actually create pretty beautiful videos
with PowerPoint only !!!

Its very-very-easy you only need 3 steps to making videos without hassle and wasting time,money & effort.

STEP 1 : Pick A Video Templates

Pick a Ready-To-Use Video Templates inside Viditix FX Templates, All Module Fully Editable in POWERPOINT

STEP 2 : Edit Video Templates

Edit template as you like, you can change the color, the images, the text or the video you can insert Audio and add Custom Text.

STEP 3 : Export Video Templates

Export Template to HD Video and Publish. Now you can make your own Super High Quality Videos to Promote your business or services.

Turn Your Powerpoint Into
Video Creator Machine

Unique Design – Stylish Look – Easy To Customize

What The Investment ?

Well first, Let's look at what you'd need to pay for similiar templates elsewhere ..


They required complicated software to edit template, They usually dont come with detailed step by step video tutorial, and Not created internet master mind

Special Launch Discount 80% OFF !!! Regular Price

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Your Purchase comes with 30 day - money back guarantee
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Viditix FX Templates 1.0 - New

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Special Launch Discount 80% OFF !!! Regular Price

Download This - Early Bird Discount Is Now Active

Your Purchase comes with 30 day - money back guarantee
ACT NOW Before The Countdown Above Hits ZERO

Viditix FX Templates 1.0 - New

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To Your Continued Sucess

Azam Dzulfikar

Viditix Templates Team - Founder VidiClub


What Is Viditix Templates ?

Viditix Templates is a NEW Powerpoint Video Templates For Make Stunning Videos. It's Not a Plugin/Software/Or Theme

Are Music, Image, and Video Included In Viditix Templates ?

YESMusic, Image And Video Included Inside Every Templates In Viditix FX Templates

How Do I Edit It ?

You need to use powerpoint to edit the templates. You can't edit Viditix Templates in keynote, and powerpoint for mac. If you want to work best with Viditix Templates, you need at least powerpoint 2013. Powerpoint 2010 and 2007 still works, but some effect, transition, motion, and layout will not working perfectly.

How Do I Download It ?

We'll send you your detail purchase, and You'll be directed to the download area Customer Jvzoo Portal.

Is There Any One-Time-Offers or Upsell ?

Yes, it does. We provided Viditix Templates Ultimate upgrade bundle completely with Developer license for entire of product..

What Is My License ?

You Can do :

[YES] Can be used for your own projects
[YES] Can be used in an unlimited amount of projects commercially

What you CAN'T do:

[NO] Can't be given away
[NO] Can't be sold
[NO] Can't be offered as a
bonus [NO] Can't be shared
[NO] Can't be added to a membership site
[NO] Can't be used in website templates

What Is Your Refund Policy ?

You should pay attention to our requirements, We Do The refund If there is an issue with the product and our technical support can't solve it for you, we will provide a refund for you within 30 days of your purchase.


By receiving a refund, you agree to remove all files downloaded from our website, and all rights to use the product will be revoked. We reserve the right to decline a refund if the client does not adhere to these conditions.

REFUND PROCESS : send your query to, DO NOT dispute via paypal, all refund is processing by JVzoo.

REFUND POLICY : Our refund policy only applies to the first time you purchase our product. Second time purchases will not be permitted the same rights to refund.

We understand that sometimes the timing may not be right when you purchase our product and you may return to purchase later, but please be aware second purchase refund requests will not be permitted. This is to protect our product and ourselves from individuals who may take advantage of our refund policy.

DUPLICATE PURCHASE : In the event of a billing error or duplicate billing, We will investigate the matter and issue a full refund if deemed necessary.

How do I contact support with any issue/concern ? Our support desk send mail to, we are very happy to assist you

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